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Lago Chalalan - Bolivia


"Beni's Touristic Perl"


Rurrenabaque is a small city in northern Bolivia, located in the Department of Beni. It is the entrance to the fascinating world of the jungle. The city has a tropical climate and is located on the banks of the Beni River.

Rurrenabaque is the starting point of several excursions that allow you to get to know the flora and fauna of the area. The city has numerous hostels and travel agencies and is very pleasant for visitors.

Madidi National Park

The excursions in the jungle are made in the humid forests of the sub-Andean mountains, where stand out an exuberant vegetation made up of large trees, epiphytic plants, ferns, lianas, orchids and a rich variety of fauna. However, on this walk there are not many animals, since the ecosystem is closed vegetation and difficult to access. The tours depart from Rurrenabaque and navigates the Beni and Tuichi rivers to reach the famous Madidi National Park (one of the most biodiverse sites in the world).

Pampas de Yacuma

The excursions to the Pampas of Yacuma, although it does not have the lush jungle of Madidi, are highly recommended for all those who like to see wild animals. Las Pampas are located in the ecosystem of the Yacuma River, a few kilometers from the town of Santa Rosa del Yacuma and three hours from Rurrenabaque. During the tour one can see alligators, turtles, capybaras, monkeys, deer, tapirs, rheas, snakes and a wide variety of birds and butterflies. Also sailing the river can be seen the pink dolphins, and live the experience of fishing piranhas.



In Rurrenabaque it is necessary to take an organized tour to be able to enter the most remote places where it is possible to observe fully the spectacle of nature.

Excursions are for 3 days or more, including guide, transportation, accommodation and food. It is recommended to carry extra supplies of water.

Among the excursions two destinations stand out: JUNGLE and PAMPAS

Each of the tours has different characteristics:

In the JUNGLE one can admire all the exuberance of the tropical forest, its landscapes, vegetation and biodiversity.

In PAMPAS the main attraction is the observation of wild animals.



The best way to get to Rurrenabaque is by plane. Very often there are special flight promotions from La Paz.

It can also be reached by bus from La Paz, although in rainy seasons the road may be cut off. From La Paz the bus trip lasts from 18 to 20 hours.

In addition there are buses from Trinidad, Riberalta and Guayaramerín. The departures of the buses depend on the state of the route.