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Rurrenabaque – Pampa Estancia

Price USD360 3 days
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Rurrenabaque – Pampa Estancia

USD360 per person

Rurrenabaque and Trinidad. Rurrenabaque is a small town located a half hour flight from La Paz and is the gateway to both the Madidi National Park, usually referred to simply as “the jungle” and the Santa Rosa National Park, which is usually called “pampas”. Along with the salt flats, a tour of Amazon will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip to Bolivia. That is why we have decided to offer a variety of options with the best operators in the area. We offer tours for all budgets and durations, from one day to six.

  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Included
    Mineral water
    Spanish-speaking driver/guide
  • Not Included
    Sleeping bag
    Toilet paper
    Transport in vehicle 4x4
    Travel insurance
Rurrenabaque - Pampa Estancia
We leave Rurrenabaque around 08h00 by private car for the Estancia. After about 40 minutes we arrive in the village Reyes where we visit the archaeological and ethnographical museum. There you can find archaeological, historical and traditional objects as well as explanations on the customs, daily life and the region’s history. We continue and along the way we might be able to see a sloth, a caiman or a capybara. Upon arrival we are greeted by the guide and we have time to get installed before we meet in the “comedor” where we have lunch with the workers. After lunch we can relax in the hammocks or saddle the horses for a first ride to discover the surrounding pampa. On horseback we follow the entrance path to the Estancia in order to get used to our horse and learn the basics of the way the cow boys ride. We head towards “Los Macheros” which is an isolated patch of tropical forest in the middle of the Pampa. We stop in front of an enormous “Mapajo” (giant tree) and go for a short walk through this unusual area to discover the flora and fauna. Maybe we are lucky enough to see a sloth or the “lucachis” monkeys. We get back on our horses and continue through the Pampa and we will most certainly pass herds of cattle and horses. Back at the Estancia we can practice our lasso skills before dinner. If you want we can go for an evening walk to the “laguna de los caimanes” (the caiman lake) and see their red eyes in the beam of our lamps.
Pampa Estancia
After breakfast we leave either on horseback or on foot to the “Acrecito”, a humid area which borders the laguna of the same name. On our way we pass the open spaces of the Pampa and tropical forest where we might be lucky to see the “chinchillos” (small monkeys with yellow coats). For lunch we can either return to the Estancia or enjoy a picnic. After lunch we can sail in canoes on the “Acrecito” lake and if you wish we can bring fishing canes to try and fish piranhas or “Tucunare” which are abundant in these Lagunas. By mid-afternoon we reach the opposite bank where we might be able to see capybaras (the biggest rodent in the world). We get back on our horses to reach another laguna where we can appreciate the sunset over the humid surface of the Pampa. We return to the Estancia for dinner and if our fishing trip has been successful we can enjoy the fish we caught.
Pampa Estancia - Rurrenabaque
After breakfast we leave by horse to “Portugal” the area of the Copacabana Estancia where our guide lives. Before discovering this other part of the Pampa we make a short stop by an old cemetery which dates back to the time of the sugarcane exploitation. We arrive at “Portugal” where we have lunch with our guide and his family. He will show us his “chaco” where we see amongst others yucca, banana and corn plantations and we can also see some leather work. After this encounter and a busy day we return to the Estancia where we say goodbye to the workers at the Estancia and at 16h30 a car will bring us back to Rurrenabaque.


  • Transportation by canoe motor
  • Excursions with native guides
  • All meals, bottled water and natural juices according to itinerary
  • 2 nights accommodation

No incluye:

  • Entrance to the Pampas del Yacuma (Bs. 150 por persona)
  • Travel insurance - recommended
  • Breakfast on the first day, dinner on the last day
  • Sunglasses and sun cream
  • Insect repellent
  • Extra water / drinks

Health and safety

Malaria is extremely rare in the pampas and the jungle near Rurrenabaque and there has been no local case for years. Other insect diseases such as yellow fever and dengue are in the area so a good insect repellent and long-sleeved shirt plus long pants are essential.


This tour begins in Rurrenabaque and does NOT include transportation costs to get there. We can organize flights to get to Rurrenabaque. We cannot be responsible if you book a tour and then we cannot find a transport to Rurrenabaque on time - please make sure you know how to get to Rurrenabaque before booking this tour. There is a minimum group size of 2 people for this tour to be confirmed (you can make a reservation for one person and you can check to see if others are reserved for that date).